B i o g r a p h y

Rachel Hyman is more than just a recording artist from New York who is captivated with 1940's music. With a strong mezzo soprano voice and a zesty personality, many people have aquainted Rachel's voice and style to that of the lovely Barbra Streisand in her early years.  Rachel released her first album, Hebrew Psalms of Light in 2008 featuring traditional Jewish songs which she recorded in a friend's basement with no intention of dropping out of college to tour full time. Booking and performing over 500 concerts in 15 countries including Ireland, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark and Ukraine, Rachel has a passion for both making music and promoting it.


In 2012 Rachel stumbled upon an old Yiddish song called "Vi Is Dus Geseleh?" also known as "Where Is The Village?" which unbeknown to her, would change the course of her musical journey forever. Shocked at the rare beauty of the song, Rachel began to search for other old Yiddish songs written during the Holocaust era as the atrocities during that time have always had a deep impact on her. Rachel became determined to produce these fascinating historical songs in the universal language of English so they could be enjoyed and appreciated by a much larger audience. Soon, "Singing In The Dark" would be born. 


Rachel is the first artist to ever release a full album of songs from the Holocaust, sung in the English language and with a contemporary feel. With a dazzling live orchestra, a knockout choir, and a ceaseless dedication to get these lush songs into the public's hands, this rare, neoclassical, world music album is now available to the public.


Rachel's goal is to share the realities of World War 2 through the laboriously penned lines of those who lived through one of the most tragic, unforgettable times in Earth's history- the Holocaust. Rachel will be giving a full tour of Europe this summer from July through September. Use the contact page to book her for a concert.