R e c o r d i n g s

Springtime, Rachel's single from her upcoming album, 1939, is a poem that was written in the Vilna Ghetto in Poland, 1942.

Eli Eli, was written by Hannah Senesh, a Jewish girl from Hungry who died while trying to rescue Jews from being deported to Auschwitz.

Schindler's List, sung by Rachel Hyman

Deep Within The Forest is also a partisan song, written about the Jewish partisans that had to flee into the forests to be able to survive the Nazis.

"We Long For A Home" is a beautiful song that was written in a Displacement Camp after the war, expressing survivor's desire for a new home where they would be safe and could start their lives anew.

"Peat Bog Soldiers" is the first known song that was written and arranged in a concentration camp."

Kaddish, an old traditional Jewish prayer was sung by many Jewish prisoners as they were being herded into the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

Even When God is Silent is a beautiful song of faith that an anonymous person wrote on a basement wall as he was hiding from the Nazis in Cologne, Germany.

Dona Dona was written in 1940 by Aaron Zeitlin whose family died in the Holocaust. Dona Dona is subject to various interpretations but the calf is generally believed to represent a Jew being taken to one of the German concentration camps by the farmer representing the Nazis. The swallow at first may signify those who are not being subjected to persecution, but by the end of the song it represents the free spirit of the Jew which remains free whatever is suffered by the physical body.