Your careful attention to details and passionate single-mindedness for beautiful music is unmatched. You seek perfection and meaning more than money or fame. No one could have produced this album better than you. Every album needs at least one master mind, and for this one, you certainly were it. I still remember crying when I heard "We Long For A Home" for the first time and feeling so grateful for your dedication to making these songs come alive. Words cannot thank you enough,





You are the best arranger a singer could ask for. I tell you what I want, and you give me something so much better. The splendor and grace you added to this recording is magnificent. You poured your soul into these songs, and anyone who listens to this album will be able to feel that. Thank you so much for your inextinguishable commitment to making music powerful.



Dearest singers! 


You have made my album sound so lush and vibrant! Thank you *so much* for throwing your energies into these songs with me and singing with your hearts. You made my songs soar! 









CHOIR 1. Conductor. Jeremy Morado. Singers. Angelica Eclar (soprano) / Cheryl Wang (soprano) / Czarina Kaye Francisco (soprano) / Stephanie Perez (soprano) / Corinne Atiga  (alto) / Mehlani Domingo  (Alto) / Antonella Quintana  (alto) / Natalyn Rodriguez  (alto) / Sheen Sanchez (tenor) / David Siahaan  (tenor) / Chase Atiga (tenor) / David Dickerson (tenor) /  Jeremy Morada (bass) / Kenneth Landaverde (bass) / Kristian Leukert (bass) / Marc Robles (bass)


CHIOR 2. Conductor. Javier Gonzalez. Singers. Paulette Jumalon, (soprano) / Susana Leiva (soprano) / Sara Raquel Costa Pinto da Silva (contralto) / Satchel Genobaga (tenor) / Marco Villacura Moraga (tenor) Javier Gonzalez (tenor) Jake Luis (baritone) / Samuel Bolivar, Jr. (baritone) / Andres Maldonado (bass)


Arrangers. Steve Margoshes / Marteen Andruet / Fernando Otero / Pablo Aslan


Kaddish Credits. Nick Danielson (Violin) / Adam Fisher (cello) / Ivan Barenboim (clarinet) Brian Forbes (Recording Engineer) / Recorded at Gallery Studios NYC. 


Springtime Credits. Sam Bardfeld (violin) / Ariel Iud (Bandoneon) / Matt Darriau (clarinet) Pablo Aslan (Bass) / Recorded at La Covacha, Brooklyn, NY. 


Musicians. Steve Margoshes (piano) / Cyrus Beroukhim (violin) / Shmuel Katz (viola) Richard Locker (cello) / Pavel Vinnitsky, (clarinet) / Marteen Andruet (piano) / Michael Andrews (piano) / Dan Warner (Guitar and mandolin)


Recorded at the following studios. NOW! Multimedia West, Los Angeles, California. / NOW! Multimedia East, Orlando, Florida / Crosby Collective, Manhattan, New York / Platinum Sound Recording Studios, Manhattan, New York / Trading 8s Recording Studio, New Jersey


Producer. Marteen Andruet


Mastering Engineer. Alan Silverman


Lyric Consultant. Steve Margoshes


Digital Editor. Peter Lutringer


Copy Editor. Angela Raimondo


Graphic Designers. Alessio Varvara / Emanuele Ma Maotta, Mike Heath