Dedication of Singing In The Dark...


I dedicate this album to all who struggle to sing the dark but choose to anyway.

Your song will mean something someday. Don't forget that.


I also dedicate this album to Arnold Trujillo. Arnold, G-d sent you when I needed encouragement.

You have been such a blessing to me. Thank you for loving your heritage and thank you for your

dedication to this project.


All my love,





To my beloved sponsors, there are no words that can express the appreciation and gratefulness I have for you. YOU made this album a reality. Thank you for caring about songs that most people have never heard of or would even find important enough to reproduce. You have given a voice to those who felt their stories, their lives, their songs would never be heard. I know that if the authors of these songs were alive today, they would tell you "thank you" with me. Thank you for believing with me that these songs need to be heard, and thank you for believing in me. Your trust and your thoughtfulness will forever be remembered.




Rachel Hyman



Eli Eli- Barbara and Greg Gizewski

Raisins And Almonds- Lavina Taylor

Dona Dona- Dini Jeltema

Deep Within The Forest- David and Sharon Souza

Springtime- Geri Gaines

The Lonely Child- Arnold and Tim Trujillo

Even When God is Silent-  Lou Westphal

Peat bog Soldiers- Malcolm C. Proctor

Where Is The Village- Larie and Gio Marin

Schindler's List- Diane Hicks

We Long For A Home- Malcolm Proctor

Kaddish- Faith and Grace Morales